Stress to Strength - Loss to Living

From the ashes birthed two programs that Liz uses to mentor.  The first is 'Stress to Strength' the second 'Loss to Living'. While there is a structure to the programs, each individuals needs are different therefore we may deviate leaving room to focus on issues to help you tap into the Magical flow of the Universe and live your best life.

Let us embark on a sacred journey together, one that will open your heart and allow you to tap into the stillness and silence that rests within all of us.

Included in STRESS TO STRENGTH we will cover 

Psychic Reading

Guided Meditations

Mastering Your Emotions

Tactical Breathing Techniques

Nonviolent Communication

8 Quick destressifying Tips

Breaking Through the Clouds Exercise

Awakening Your Sacred Archetype

and much more

 We will walk this journey together. Take my hand. I am her for you. Holding space and extending my heart wide open. There is Light Love Peace an Joy awaiting you. 

Included in LOSS TO LIVING we will cover

Psychic or Mediumship Reading

Walking Through the Grieving Process

Tapping into the Stillness and Silence That Rests Within Us All

The Benefits of Honing a Meditation Practice

Body Scan

Chakra Balancing 

Covering the 5 Divine Principals

Understanding The Magical Flow of the Universe

Infinite Possibilities 

and much more

Liz only works with a few people individually at a time so please take time to connect with Liz to find out more and see if this is a fit for the both of you.

Liz is here to remind you, YOU are Powerful and Adored. Big Hugs xxx