Liz Smart

We all have different defining moments. Times where we are faced with what would seem at the time unbearable circumstances. Like many, Liz has faced those times.  Grief of losing her husband, financial ruin, compounded by a home devastated by a natural disaster.  Liz has made it thru the eye of the fire, diving deep into the stillness and silence of a meditation practice. Utilizing decades of studies in the personal development, naturopathic, spiritual and metaphysical fields.  Liz has used these same techniques to guide others to dance with the Magical Flow of the Universe

Since a very young age Liz has received messages from spirit, sharing it with others sporadically over the  years until the calling of it was to great to deny. She jumped in and fully immersed herself in a six month program where she learned new avenues to connect and case studies to allow her to practice these gifts.  Ever since, Liz has had the honor and privileged to work professionally as a Psychic Medium, helping others by tapping into their energy to help guide them as well as connect with spirit that have crossed the veil to pass on messages from them. 

In 2016, Fate brought Davidji into Liz's life. He had her at "Chakras". There began a two year intensive study mentorship with him covering over 520 hours to become a Master of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher then continuing with the Advance deeper still Teacher training with the davidji Meditation Academy, cracking her heart wide open and helping her define her purpose even more clearly.  

Another passion of Liz, has been studying the works of Mike Dooley since 2006 , Playing the Matrix with Mike in 2010 and becoming a Certified Infinite Possibility Guide in  2014. Having the pleasure to work along side other IPPIES as part of the crew at a few Train the Trainer events as well as Soulapalooza. She is extremly happy to say from which much of her tribe from around the world has blossomed.

Have you experience a loss, separation, financial issues or even the death of a loved one? I hear you. I am holding space for you. 

Even though you may not believe it yet, all is well and as it should be. 

You can get back to a place of completeness and joy. Let me help guide you back to living the life of your dreams. I have been where you are. Let me remind you of the path of Gratitude, Joy, Love and Peace.

Liz Smart is a Professional Psychic Medium, Advanced Certified Master of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher, Certified Infinite Possibilities Guide and Certified Health Facilitator in Naturopathy.

Proud Member of C.A.P.S. (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) and Co-Author in 5 International Best-Selling books.

Liz reads and works within your energy field to help you release the emotional blockages that keep you from enjoying total wellness.

I am here to remind you, YOU are Powerful and Adored. 

Big Hugs xxx